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Friday, August 31, 2007

Get Rich And StopTrying

I just finished listening skimming to the clean version of 50's new album "Curtis" and I'm at a loss for words. Come on Cuurtis, where is the heat? Not that I really expected something groundbreaking but I expected to hear something that woul indicate that he was still putting effort into it. Other than the songs that already leaked months ago I don't think there is another song that I'd put into my ipod. Cuurtis is clearly focused on mass appeal more than anything and I respect that but it makes the music incredibly generic and predictable. Pretty much its an album with a couple singles and a bunch of filler. Cuurtis is definately gettting money and laughing straight to the bank. That's why I listen to the mixtapes, cause you get the raw without the watered down bulls***.

Where has Cam been lately anyway? He's been real quite since Tru Life knuckled up on him...