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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dog Eat Dog World - Did Michael Vick Rat On DMX?

Before you start running around and spreading rumors might I point out this is merely speculation and should not be taken as fact. I am in no way saying that Vick did tell on DMX but rather I'm pointing out the possibility that it may have happened. There is no solid proof to hold up these bold accusations what so ever.

Shortly after Michael Vick agreed to enter a guilty plea and admitted to participation in dog fighting the Dog, Mr. Dark Man X, had his house raided having a dozen Pit Bulls removed from his Arizona property due to a tip that they were being poorly treated.

Now DMX is no stranger to controversy or legal problems but for it to happen the same day that Vick agreed to cooperate with federal investigators gives one the impression that Vick is in some way responsible for raid on DMX's

Now I doubt anyone would even attempt to argue that Earl has never been involved as a dog fighter seeing as his whole persona depicts him as such and it kind of makes you wonder why he hasn't been investigated before.

What adds to possibility that Vick may have handed X's name to investigators is the speculation, which has almost been accepted as fact, that Vick would cooperate with federal investigators by providing information and testifying against other stars and high profile dog fighters.

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