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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Elements League Episode 5 - Casper Vs Chronic

Part 2, Part 3

Casper picks up another win moving to 3-0 and claims the title before heading back to university. A hot battle over all but that second round was ridiculous. It was probably the one that had the biggest impact on the judges' decision. Casper got him with the personals and punchlines and remained unbeaten.

Get Rich And StopTrying

I just finished listening skimming to the clean version of 50's new album "Curtis" and I'm at a loss for words. Come on Cuurtis, where is the heat? Not that I really expected something groundbreaking but I expected to hear something that woul indicate that he was still putting effort into it. Other than the songs that already leaked months ago I don't think there is another song that I'd put into my ipod. Cuurtis is clearly focused on mass appeal more than anything and I respect that but it makes the music incredibly generic and predictable. Pretty much its an album with a couple singles and a bunch of filler. Cuurtis is definately gettting money and laughing straight to the bank. That's why I listen to the mixtapes, cause you get the raw without the watered down bulls***.

Where has Cam been lately anyway? He's been real quite since Tru Life knuckled up on him...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Early Graduation

As I type this the smooth mellow sounds of Kanye's production on his latest album "Graduation" plays in the background. Scheduled to be released on September 11th, the same date as 50 Cent's "Curtis", Graduation came a little earlier for Mr. West. A week and a half before its scheduled release Graduation leaked to the internet.

I think its safe to say 50 won. 50 told him to change his release date but its Kanye, you can't tell him nothing...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are You Still In The Mood?

I don't even know how many f***ing years ago it was now (matter of fact I was in high school so it was like 5 or more) but anyway I was working on the Def Jam street team and Joe Budden had just dropped his debut album. Pump It Up was burning up the charts, was on the soundtrack of the hottest movie of the summer, 2 Fast 2 Furious and played at every major sporting event. Everyone's favorite mixtape rapper had just crossed over into mainstream success.

Flash forward a couple years and Mood Muzik drops, gets slept on but sets the stage for the classic follow up Mood Muzik 2 that would be released a few years later. With Joey's sophomore album The Growth no where in sight demand for Mood Muzik 3 would build. With Joe Budden fans waiting desperately for new material a trailer for Mood Muzik 3 would leak sending fans into a frenzy. Despite promising it would be a hot summer August came and went and no word from Joe Budden on Mood Muzik until now.

Joey updated his blog on the XXL
website updating fans on the status of Mood Muzik 3. Looks like we might waiting another summer...

The Elements League Episode 4 Hartigan vs Ambition

The Elements League continues to go strong and came with another 2 episodes on Saturday. As much as I like what's going on there is still one battle I'm waiting to see, Phakt vs Littles. It may never actually go down but one can only hope. But more importantly right now is the battle at hand, Hartigan vs Ambish. Ambition just completely murdered him with the personals, what grade he was in, what school he went to, where he worked and what he was wearing. Like one of the youtube comments said, Hartigan kinda sounds like a young Eminem . This is actually the first time I even heard Hartigan rap and I was actually quite surprised at how good he was for how long he's been doing it. I'm almost sure this is the first battle that he's ever been in.

You can peep part 2 here

Dog Eat Dog World - Did Michael Vick Rat On DMX?

Before you start running around and spreading rumors might I point out this is merely speculation and should not be taken as fact. I am in no way saying that Vick did tell on DMX but rather I'm pointing out the possibility that it may have happened. There is no solid proof to hold up these bold accusations what so ever.

Shortly after Michael Vick agreed to enter a guilty plea and admitted to participation in dog fighting the Dog, Mr. Dark Man X, had his house raided having a dozen Pit Bulls removed from his Arizona property due to a tip that they were being poorly treated.

Now DMX is no stranger to controversy or legal problems but for it to happen the same day that Vick agreed to cooperate with federal investigators gives one the impression that Vick is in some way responsible for raid on DMX's

Now I doubt anyone would even attempt to argue that Earl has never been involved as a dog fighter seeing as his whole persona depicts him as such and it kind of makes you wonder why he hasn't been investigated before.

What adds to possibility that Vick may have handed X's name to investigators is the speculation, which has almost been accepted as fact, that Vick would cooperate with federal investigators by providing information and testifying against other stars and high profile dog fighters.

Uncle Murder, Mavado & Wyclef - Informer (Produced by Green Lantern)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All I Have In This World Is My Balls & My Word

Owning 4 copies of Scarface and having watched it easily over 100 times meant very little thought would be required in formulating the title of my new blog site. The hardest part was deciding on which quote to use. Since what I am presenting to you are my words, opinions and I stand 100% behind everything that I say nothing could be more fitting then the one that did chose "My Balls & My Word".

People are probably wondering why I'm abandoning The Life Of A Hustler a year after I created it despite its popularity. There are a couple reasons for that, the biggest being I forgot to pay the server bill because I was to busy enjoying the summer and it was easier to start a new site than to try and move it. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the site was on the decline from my summer laziness and it also saves me an extra $150 a month by switching to Blogger.

The past year running and posting on The Life Of A Hustler & Sick Kicks was a learning experience that has made me better at managing and promoting a website in addition to just generally becoming a better writer. Hopefully the next year will be as great or better than the last and this site is anywhere near as successful as the last.