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Monday, September 24, 2007

Timbo helps Kanye with Stronger


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Negro Who Did You Pay?

I came across some shit on the the net ...

Guerilla Black Testifies To The Healing Power Of Rap With God Bless The Child
Guerilla Black's grandfather used to say, 'Be fast to listen, and slow to speak,' and Black (born Charles Williamson) has seen and heard a lot during his life. With the release of God Bless The Child , he is ready for us to listen because he's got a lot to say about God, the hood, and the miracle of life.

As he watched his son come into the world he says he saw the light, and at that moment the words 'God bless the child' became a sort of mantra for Guerilla Black. This event made him reflect a great deal about his own childhood and how his legacy would affect that of his newborn son.

Born in Joliet, Illinois, young Charles never got to know his father very well because Pop was serving time in prison. At the advice of a close relative his mother moved him and his brother out to Los Angeles where life was challenging for the small family. They spent those first rocky years living in various homeless shelters while Mom worked to get a roof over their heads. Finally she established a home in the Watts section of Los Angeles known as Compton.

Falling asleep to the rhymes provided by Compton lyricists such as N.W.A and New York rapper Rakim, Charles idolized the street heroes of Rap and always dreamed about success as a rhyme-slinger, but after several false starts in his attempt to build a Hip Hop career he wound up settling for a regular job. He was content to live the life of a working man but after the death of his wife from a bout with meningitis, G. Black was at serious odds with the world. That's when his younger brother came to him with some advice – Get back into rap and follow your dream.

With sales of his debut record Guerilla City (Virgin) topping 300,000 copies, Black has found a sizable audience, and for this latest release he has teamed up with Hip Hop artist/producer Big Hollis and Executive Producer Dolla Figga. The twelve tracks on this album are founded on heavy beats with a touch of soul folded in to complement Blacks poetry and prose. He doesn't write his thoughts, but writes his heart, and now he is ready to pass along some of his personal experience on his new CD, God Bless The Child . 'Pay close attention to this **** that's about to go down,' he says, 'I'm one of y'all!'


I shouldn't even be posting this because it'll make people remember dude, not that anyone even really cares about his careeer I just find it funny to see this bullshit in my inbox. Just play Biggie in the upcoming movie and move on. And next time pay me to write your bullshit articles.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rap Game/Crack Game

Jay-z Blue Magic Trailer:

I love the concept of this video. It takes me back to the Vol 1. track Rap Game/Crack Game. Hov keeps reminding me why my favorite hue is Jay-z Blue

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bought a ticket to your concert just to come and whip your ass

Here is Saigon's side of the story:

I Finally Got Prodigy....

I know you all are seeing this YouTube video of like 25 Mobb Deep niggaz chasing me out the club...And helll fucking yeah I dipped up up out of there untouched.....

But that was after I snuffed little punk ass Prodigy...They can edit it and lie all they want but , But when you hear the nigga say 'Oh' the first time is when i rock him... right before you see my man rock him, The second time is when my man rocks him... I rocked him first, thats what makes the kid with the red hat try to get at me and got everybody hype..Why didnt they slow down that part? If you notice I punch prodigy right into my mans hands...And fuck yeah I got up outta there...Them niggaz was 30 deep and I went to their party, grab the mic, did my song and punched Prodigy in his face.. (I wasnt even on the bill to perform) This nigga told me to suck his dick so he got rocked, at his show..Im not with the promoting violence shit and we couldve kept it between us, but these assholes go make a youtube video talking about I was hiding under a table and all this shit...Editing and lying about a watch and shit....Fronting ass niggas...Now i gotta show the real...

I see niggas laughing cause I was running up outta that mufucka, damn right..I think the shit looks funny as hell too...And all yall talking about I wouldve stayed there and got my ribs broken and all that, ya frontiing....or ya fucking stupid..I had already rocked Prodigy, it was time to dip up outta there...Shout out to Big Chris for the human sheild technique, He said, you got em, lets gooo and we went......I toooold Prodigy I was gonna get him...Whose story is real....? hahahaha I never take L's....

Right when they say Im supposed to be hiding under the table, You see right before my man rocks Prodigy I give him the overhand right...Thats when the guy with the red hat tries to get at me.. Thats what sent prodigy flying into my man, who rocked em again...And I never got touched at all, That fat nigga fronting at the end, ya fronting, Nobody hit me, I was grabbed from behind....Edit shit all you want to promote havoc album...P know I got him though...And dipped up outta there..smooth....hahaha... Lets get the facts straight people.......

Can't Leave Rap Alone The Game Needs Me

The ruler is back, and it looks like it's still the winter's turn as Hov plans to release his album "The American Gangster" on November 6th. The news was announced this morning in an article in the New York Times.

The album is inspired by the Denzel Washington movie of the same name set to release the Friday before. While Kingdom Come showed that Jay "doesn't live in Brooklyn anymore" the American Gangster goes back to the blueprint that was laid out on Reasonable Doubt, gritty street tales of a Marcy Projects hustler with a Lexus. Although it's inspired by the American Gangster it's just as much Carlito's Way even to the point where a young Benny Blanco (Lil Wayne who's album Carter III is set to release December 18th) lurks in the corner.

Please don’t compare me to other rappers. Compare me to trappers.
I’m more Frank Lucas than Ludacris. And Lude is my dude, I ain’t trying to dis.
Just like Frank Lucas is cool, but I ain’t tryin’ to snitch.
I’m-a follow the rules, no matter how much time I’m-a get.
I’m-a live and die with the decisions that I’m-a pick.

Expect a new track from Hov to leak today as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Major

Your boy just moved up the ladder and is no longer a street level hustler. No more hand to hand cd sales, them young boys can do that. I'm strictly wholesale now, you are now talking to a regional VP of sales and promotion. The top feels so much better than the bottom.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

All Eyes On Me

As I was browsing through my book collection I picked up a familiar title that I've read time and time again. In fact I often refer to this book and use it as a manual and a reference guide to life, reading chapters that apply in the moment rather than reading it cover to cover. This book is the 48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene. This may be on of the few times that I disagree with Scarface because you don't necessarily need to get the money first to be powerful, studying and applying these rules can make you a very powerful. As the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted. On this occasion I opened to book to the chapter on Law #6: Court attention at all costs.

The book stresses that there is no such thing as bad attention. Its better to be called a fool then to not be called at all. One must stick out in a crowd and be on the minds of other people if he truly wishes to become powerful. I personally find that Kanye west is extremely good at this. Upon losing at an award show Kanye becomes very vocal to the point that you completely forget who actually won, and only remember that Kanye was the robbed. I mean he spent a million, he had Pamela Anderson in his video, he was jumping across canyons and shit, it took a month to film, and he was standing on a mountain! The show loses credibility if Kanye doesn't win the award. Even U2 knew that Kanye had the album of the year at the Grammys and George Bush really doesn't care about black people. Kayne's outspoken tongue draws attention, not to mention that he dresses extremely different then the typical rapper does. Kanye stands out in a crowd and that's what makes him powerful.

Another master of courting attention at all cost is Bill O'Reilly. We all love to hate Bill but I'm sure he enjoys being the bad guy, although he would argue that he's the righteous one and we are the corrupt individuals that plague society. An example would by Bill O'Reilly's attempt to stop Nas from preforming at Virgina Tech because of his violent lyrics and criminal past. Now the hip hop world is all thinking the same thing "What the F&$% you talking about? Nas? Violent lyrics?" But the more Bill makes a case out of it the more it is talked about and Bill's ratings go up. At the end of the day its all business and you can't knock the hustle.

In order to be powerful you have to shine brighter than those around you. You must do this at all cost not discriminating on the type of attention that you get. The more people hate you the more you are on their mind which is just as good as being loved. Haters are often better than fans because they will go the extra mile to hate you, people used to buy tickets to Muhammad Ali fights just because they wanted to be there when he got knocked out. There is no such thing as bad attention.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Even Though What We Do Is Wrong

It's the time of year when many people return to their studies and go back to school. To quote Common "I went to school for 14 years and experience was my best teacher". The only things I ever learned is to how to get by and beat the system. I can honestly say that I've never studied a single day in my life. Now for the sake of discussion I'm gonna completely ignore that I do have a borderline genius intelligence. If you spend hours studying every night then you my friend are probably a sucker.

There are a ton of was to get through school, even get good grades, with out all the effort. Now I'm not talking about looking at you neighbor's test page, but still some might considering it cheating. I ask you this, is it really cheating if everyone else is doing it? Here are some suggestions on how to get through the school year and still enjoy the better things in life. Life is short, you can't spend all your time living in the future for a day that may never come. With the extra time from the reduced studying and school work you will have plenty of time to enjoy life.

1. Instead Of Reading The Book Find An Alternative.
Now not all of us can read 1000 words per minute (but I can, hahaha sucks to be you), in fact the average reading speed for a university student is about 250 words per minute while the average book has 350 words per page. For most people reading is a daunting and time consuming task, it takes the average person 7 hours to read a 300 page book. Try to find a movie adaptation of the book, it'll save you 5 hours. Now you can't always rely on the movie because some things maybe changed or there may not even be a movie(not very likely) so I suggest picking up a study guide, you can find them at any bookstore or websites like Sparksnotes. Not only does it have chapter by chapter summaries but it also has review questions to better your understanding.

2. Don't Take Notes Copy Everyone Else's
You can make the choice of actually paying attention in class or you can do other things such as socialize with your classmates. Asking to copy notes gives you and icebreaker for meeting classmates that you don't already know. It also gives you a broader range of notes to study from when you actually do spend some time doing so. Spend a little bit of time organizing them every day, I recommend typing them. Copy homework while your at it, it saves you from doing it yourself.

3. Join Or Start A Study Group
Let's face it if your listening to me you'll probably be freaking out the night before a test about how you don't actually know any of this shit. Get together with(or assemble) a group of people that actually do. You will make friends faster and be able to get help with anything that your stuck on. Studying with others is often more productive than studying alone assuming that you are actually studying that is. Perfect reason to invite that hot girl that sits in front of you over.

4. Study Old Tests
I actually had teachers that handed out old copies of exams that they had given years prior, take advantage of this or just find someone that has taken the class before and get a copy of theirs. You will walk into the test knowing what to expect and what to study.

5. Take Performance Enhancers
Whatever works really, take coffee, red bull, caffeine tabs or Ritalin(which is illegal without a prescription) before studying or taking a test. Ritalin works the best and will run you something like $10 a pill, but you didn't hear that from me. I'm in no way encouraging the use drugs but you are gonna do what your gonna do, its your future. If you mess up now its gonna affect the rest of your life, that's the lies that they are feeding kids now right? Your just trying to get a competitive edge in today's difficult work place. If you think Barry Bonds hit all those home runs without steroids then your an idiot, if you think he's the only one doing it then your a bigger idiot. I guarantee that you have classmates popping Ritalin to do better in school. Understand there is a huge risk involved with this and that it can even kill you.

Life isn't about what you know, its about who you know so stop wasting your time trying to learn things that you never actually need to know and spending it meeting new people. You never know where your classmates might end up. Keep in touch with them, one day they might be the person interviewing you for a job or they might work for one of your company's clients. They could be the person approving your loan. Relationships go much further than the crap they try to teach you in school. Shortcut your studies while trying to maintain decent grades and socialize with your classmates.

Ask yourself, what would Barry do?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mysonne is back!

Go Head Try Your Luck ft Jadakiss

This is the first track I've heard from Mysonne since his release. I was actually wondering where Myse was as I hadn't heard a single song since he got out last year.

If you were sleeping in 99 and some how managed to miss Mysonne, he was the hottest young artist coming out at the time. He just signed a deal with Def Jam when he caught a 7 year bid. Go do your homework and get up on dude asap.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Inexcellence Of Execution

In North America piracy in music and films is a problem that the RIAA & MPAA struggle to deal with. When combined with the sticky political situations of some of the world's other countries it makes for a whole new ball game.

While many people in North America my be unaware of it, Korean culture is spreading. The "Korean Wave" has been spreading South Korean tv dramas, movies and music across the world especially in Asia. The popularity of Korean tv drama's in China, America's love for director Chan-Wook Park and the Hollywood plan to remake his critically acclaimed film "Oldboy" are just a few of the indicators.

Many celebrate the rapid spread of South Korean culture, but North Korea however, is not one of them. The communist state which struggles with to keep out art and media from their southern rivals have decided to crackdown in a harsh matter, completely redefining the term "media war". North Korea has decided to publicly execute anyone found copying and distributing South Korean visual materials.

Hopefully the MPAA doesn't decide to follow suit...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Everyday Above Ground Is A Good Day

Some of the realest s*** ever said by the boy Tony Montana. Today is different; today is gonna be a great day cause it's my birthday. Your boy just turned 23, buy him presents. But seriously how can you have a better day than a birthday on a Saturday in the summer? Even though I do work, I'm done by 1pm which is earlier than half my friends even get up. My phone is already ringing off the hook from phone calls and facebook messages from people wishing me a happy birthday and its only been half an hour. But the thing I'm really looking forward to is the presents. Alright so I'm hard to buy for so I probably won't get many cause I always seem to buy what people plan to get me a week before they get around to it.

Look just give me money to buy a present and put your name on it...

Take me shopping, throw me a surprise party. Don't know my friends, even better, throw a surprise party and invite a bunch of single women.

All jokes aside it is gonna be a great day.

Oh and don't even think about giving me a copy of that Jim Carey movie on my 23rd... that ain't funny.