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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sucker Free City

Previously (Semi-Almost Sorta Half) Written in December of 07:

Anyone that remembers the Love Is For Suckers campaign knows that your boy been sucker free like MTV on a Sunday. But then that changed, (and changed back by the time this was actually posted) ya boy suckered up (and got played for a sucker). Yep son got a wifey(lying ass backstabbing bitch that denies there was anything between us. Yeah thats why you got a pair of Chanel boots ain't it bitch?).

Yeah so I deleted a lot of what was orginally written cause it no longer applies. Bottom line: Love is for suckers and Ammon don't love them hoes. I'm over it, but then I saw this post never got published so I was like fuck it. On the real though, that's 2 months (3 if you count the month of fighting) of my life I want back. Whatever though, they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and I'm never getting played again.

Still The Hardest Out

Yeah your boy has been gone for a hot minute but I'm back on the grind, gonna keep it moving and keep putting it in from now on. When it comes to the blog game your boy and The Don of Dons are still the hardest out. I'm back still holding down it down for the dudes on the block grinding, we keeps it gully no popcorn shit, no watered down bullshit you know how I do.