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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All I Have In This World Is My Balls & My Word

Owning 4 copies of Scarface and having watched it easily over 100 times meant very little thought would be required in formulating the title of my new blog site. The hardest part was deciding on which quote to use. Since what I am presenting to you are my words, opinions and I stand 100% behind everything that I say nothing could be more fitting then the one that did chose "My Balls & My Word".

People are probably wondering why I'm abandoning The Life Of A Hustler a year after I created it despite its popularity. There are a couple reasons for that, the biggest being I forgot to pay the server bill because I was to busy enjoying the summer and it was easier to start a new site than to try and move it. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the site was on the decline from my summer laziness and it also saves me an extra $150 a month by switching to Blogger.

The past year running and posting on The Life Of A Hustler & Sick Kicks was a learning experience that has made me better at managing and promoting a website in addition to just generally becoming a better writer. Hopefully the next year will be as great or better than the last and this site is anywhere near as successful as the last.