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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are You Still In The Mood?

I don't even know how many f***ing years ago it was now (matter of fact I was in high school so it was like 5 or more) but anyway I was working on the Def Jam street team and Joe Budden had just dropped his debut album. Pump It Up was burning up the charts, was on the soundtrack of the hottest movie of the summer, 2 Fast 2 Furious and played at every major sporting event. Everyone's favorite mixtape rapper had just crossed over into mainstream success.

Flash forward a couple years and Mood Muzik drops, gets slept on but sets the stage for the classic follow up Mood Muzik 2 that would be released a few years later. With Joey's sophomore album The Growth no where in sight demand for Mood Muzik 3 would build. With Joe Budden fans waiting desperately for new material a trailer for Mood Muzik 3 would leak sending fans into a frenzy. Despite promising it would be a hot summer August came and went and no word from Joe Budden on Mood Muzik until now.

Joey updated his blog on the XXL
website updating fans on the status of Mood Muzik 3. Looks like we might waiting another summer...