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Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Inexcellence Of Execution

In North America piracy in music and films is a problem that the RIAA & MPAA struggle to deal with. When combined with the sticky political situations of some of the world's other countries it makes for a whole new ball game.

While many people in North America my be unaware of it, Korean culture is spreading. The "Korean Wave" has been spreading South Korean tv dramas, movies and music across the world especially in Asia. The popularity of Korean tv drama's in China, America's love for director Chan-Wook Park and the Hollywood plan to remake his critically acclaimed film "Oldboy" are just a few of the indicators.

Many celebrate the rapid spread of South Korean culture, but North Korea however, is not one of them. The communist state which struggles with to keep out art and media from their southern rivals have decided to crackdown in a harsh matter, completely redefining the term "media war". North Korea has decided to publicly execute anyone found copying and distributing South Korean visual materials.

Hopefully the MPAA doesn't decide to follow suit...