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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Everyday Above Ground Is A Good Day

Some of the realest s*** ever said by the boy Tony Montana. Today is different; today is gonna be a great day cause it's my birthday. Your boy just turned 23, buy him presents. But seriously how can you have a better day than a birthday on a Saturday in the summer? Even though I do work, I'm done by 1pm which is earlier than half my friends even get up. My phone is already ringing off the hook from phone calls and facebook messages from people wishing me a happy birthday and its only been half an hour. But the thing I'm really looking forward to is the presents. Alright so I'm hard to buy for so I probably won't get many cause I always seem to buy what people plan to get me a week before they get around to it.

Look just give me money to buy a present and put your name on it...

Take me shopping, throw me a surprise party. Don't know my friends, even better, throw a surprise party and invite a bunch of single women.

All jokes aside it is gonna be a great day.

Oh and don't even think about giving me a copy of that Jim Carey movie on my 23rd... that ain't funny.