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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Law 6: Court Attention At All Cost (Joaquin Phoenix's Rap Career)

I dunno how many of the readers are familiar with the 48 Laws of Power but I just happened to be reading the chapter on that law when I caught this video. I had originally planned to use the title for a post on 50 leaking Rick Ross' baby's mother's sex tape but this clown is doing everything written in the chapter.

The book states:

Part I: Surround Your Name With The Sensational And Scandalous

Draw attention to yourself by creating an unforgettable, even controversial image. Court Scandal. Do anything to make yourself seem larger than life and shine more brightly than those around you. Make no distinction between kinds of attention - notoriety of any sort will bring you power. Better to be slandered and attacked than ignored.

The whole concept of dude rapping is just so sensational that it screams scandal. Plus that ridiculous beard is definitely unforgettable.

Part II: Create An Air Of Mystery

In a world growing increasing banal and familiar, what seems enigmatic instantly draws attention. Never make it too clear what you are doing or about to do. Do not show all your cards. An air of mystery heightens your presence; it also creates anticipation - everyone will be watching you to see what happens next. Use mystery to beguile, seduce even frighten.

This is what Joaquin has been doing since he announced his rap career. Since day one his career has been shrouded in mystery and we still don't even know if he is really serious or if its all one big elaborate hoax. Throw a "documentary" chronicling his career that neither confirms or denies his seriousness and we are still left asking if he is just doing what he does best, acting. When you take into account that most of us have never actually heard his music the situation starts to resemble the story of Mata Hari that is outlined in the book.

Joaquin Phoenix has done an amazing job getting people talking about him, dude wasn't this popular when his movies where hot. If he his serious then I hope the best of luck to him.