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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bush Government Pushing Opium In The Middle East?

The facts speak for themselves, however. The Taliban wiped out heroin production entirely by 2001. Three years later, there were once again bumper crops, accounting for over half Afghanistan's GNP, 90 per cent of the world's heroin. And not only turning a blind eye, but actively engaging in drug smuggling, according to many observers, including Russian Ambassador Zamir Kabulov.

Commenting on widespread reports that US military transport planes are used for shipping narcotics out of Afghanistan, he told the Russian news channel Vesti, "if such actions do take place they cannot be undertaken without contact with Afghans, and if one Afghan man knows this, at least half of Afghanistan will know about this sooner or later. That is why I think this is possible, but cannot prove it." The Vesti report said drugs from Afghanistan are flown by US transport aircraft to bases Ganci in Kyrgyzstan and Incirlik in Turkey.

Russian journalist Arkady Dubnov quotes Afghan sources as saying that, "85 per cent of all drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces are shipped abroad by US aviation." A source in Afghanistan's security services told Dubnov that the American military buy drugs from local Afghan officials who deal with field commanders overseeing eradication of drug production. Dubnov claimed in Vremya Novostei that the administration of President Hamid Karzai, including his two brothers, Kajum Karzai and Ahmed Vali Karzai, are deeply involved in the narcotics trade.

Source: Al-Aharam Weekly

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