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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Growth

As of late I've put up less post than even Joe Budden which as ironic as he barely manages to log more post than albums (although he some how manages to beat me in that area as well). I think it be an understatement to say that I was uninspired as of late, however this is only partially true. Conversations with the people closest to be would prove otherwise, in fact I'm probably more inspired and just less motivated. They probably assume I'm working on some great masterpiece such as the Growth, Joey's sophmore album that has many (myself included) doubtful of its existance.

The real problem is that I long for it to eternally be 94 as many hip hop fans do, don't get me wrong I'm not saying that things were better in 94, things just felt better in 94. Let's all forget about bringing sex back lets bring grimey back. Where are the dudes with the champion hoodies, the razors in their mouths, where are the hockey jerseys, the dudes off the corner that I can relate to? I dunno about y'all but as much as I like dudes like Jeezy I can't relate to them at all, 17.5 is more than I make in an entire year. Now I aspire to be like Jeezy but the truth is my life is much more like G-Dep's song "Everyday" which is probably also true for many people.

Now to put things in perspective 94 was much more enjoyable because I was 10 and everything was simpler. At 10 all you have is dreams and nothing else matters other than what you wanna be when you grow up. Thirteen years later things changed and dreams are just that dreams, the American Dream just isn't the American Lifestyle. We all can't hit a come from behind 3 run homerun to win a second consecutive World Series like Joe Carter did in 93, its just not the American Reality. The majority of us will only ever work a McJob making next to nothing and living pay cheque to pay cheque putting on a front like things are better than they are. We'll buy things we can't afford and then stress about it when no one else is around. We'll become depressed an unmotivated.

Now at this point I have no idea where I'm going with this, or what I intended to say when I started writting but its safe to say that my life is much like Joe Budden's career. Amazing talent and promise to be a shining star with a lot of potential for the future but then some how faded to away and became just some Average Joe.